Collection: Dinara Kasko

Dinara Kasko became famous for her unusual cakes, which are created using various modern innovative technologies, 3D modeling programs, as well as printing on a 3D printer. Thanks to her architectural past and her new take on confectionery design, her cakes have generated an unprecedented buzz and went viral on the web. Geometric confectionery proved to be very popular with both regular social media users and confectioners who wanted to create the same cakes for their customers.

Dinara started the production of silicone molds of her own design under her own name. And thanks to the excellent feedback from pastry chefs, as well as the ever-growing demand, its production has grown over the years from a small handmade startup in the home kitchen to mass industrial production, a growing team and its own studio.


Today our molds are used by both hobbyists and professional pastry chefs around the world. The geography of our clients is 93 countries of the world. Dinara is a delusional pastry chef in Qatar, Boston, Kiev and Moscow. Articles about her can be found in such publications as New Yorks Time, The Independent, Archdaily, Bloomberg, Vogue and many others.

Dinara Kasko